Lustrated seven persons – who snitched Chento?

The Commission for the Verification of today’s session, announced seven persons who had violated human rights and freedoms from ideological and political reasons related to the subject of Metodi Andonov Chento, the first president of the Presidium of the ASNOM.

According to information from the Commission, it is about three officials from OZNA, two prosecutors, one of which was attorney general of Macedonia and two associates of former Secret Service. One of these seven person is alive, according to information that lustration received from the Administration for keeping record books.

With the previous six judges, so far in relation to the subject Metodi Andonov – Chento are lustrated 13 people. The Commission on Lustration for the case Chento performed additional checks on more people.

Administrative Court, however, before the New Year holidays, according to MIA, the Commission’s spokesperson Predrag Dimitrovski, confirmed the six decisions of the Commission for Lustration.

Thus, the total number of confirmed decisions of the Commission is seven. Ljubomir Fishikj, former public official, and adviser to the Republic Secretary of the Interior Affairs was lustrated for giving information about the person studied by the secret services under the pseudonym “Rattlesnake”. The second one is the Slave Rajovski, who was candidate for councilor in the Municipality Chucher Sandevo at the last local elections, and was collaborator to the secret services under the pseudonym “Theologian” and worked with people associated with Serbian radicalism; then Milovan Stefanovski writer and former member of Broadcasting Council, who under psevdonik “Prever” provided information for people from the field of culture as are  Mihael Rendzhov, Atanas Vangelov, Simon Dracula, Todorovski Gane, Bozhin Pavlovski. Isak Ajrula, former councilor at the municipality Bogovinje associate of the secret service under the pseudonym “Zenith”, which was hired for suspects that acted from the positions of Albanian nationalism and irredentism. Zoran Jovanovski, former councilor in the municipality of Rosoman, who worked under the pseudonym “Officer “, and was hired for persons suspected for Serb nationalism, and radicalism, Feredin Miftari, deputy director of Skopje Prison, who worked under the pseudonym “Choreography”.

The President of Commission for lustration Tome Adziev on Wednesday, when is the last working day of this composition of the Commission, will hold press conference to give information for their achievements in the past five years.

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