Nikos Dimou: Greece has already lost in the name issue

- Greece has already lost in the case of the name issue. Ninety – five percent of the countries in the world accept the name Macedonia, and we continue to discuss this, said Nikos Dimou, a member of the Greek political party “Potami” (River) when guesting the show on Sky television.

Dimou, a renowned Greek writer with more than 60 published books , said he supports a solution based on a composite name with a geographical qualifier, but added that he agrees that Macedonia can be called whatever they want “Macedonia as well”.

- The name issue was mismanaged by the Greek government from the very beginning. It is a question for which we have already lost, Dimou said.

As MIA reports from Athens, he added that it is his personal view and not the party’s, as he said, ” it has not established a position on this issue”.

Dimou’s statement met with strong reactions by some Greek media.

The electronic edition of “Hellene Elisis” commented that “the new party discovered their goals very soon”.

“As we have become accustomed in recent years, this is another anti-Greek party,” writes “Elisis Elin” commenting on the Dimou statement.

Party “Potami” was recently formed by the TV journalist Stavros Theodorakis. He said that “this will be a pro-European – Progressive Party in the wider left sense to defend reason and justice”.

Source: MIA

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