How much does a Macedonian wedding cost?

A restaurant party, musicians, a wedding gown for the bride and a suit for the groom, presents for the best men and the wedding guests, a wedding trip ... and as you blink, you’ve already spent your savings and your parents’ savings, recently wed Marija told daily Telegraf.

Marija said the total costs for her wedding, including the wedding travel abroad, were approximately EUR 7,000.

After living with her boyfriend for several years, they finally decided to get married. So, they started saving money for their wedding to cover all the expenses without getting bank loans.

"The wedding was at the beginning of May, in one of Skopje’s recently-opened restaurants. The menu we chose wasn’t the most expensive one. We paid EUR 18 for food and wine varieties. We had 109 guests, so the total expense for this service was around EUR 3,400," Marija explained.

But the restaurant celebration costs do not end with the feast. Musicians need to be paid, who charge in the Macedonian capital EUR 400 to 500, but the couple interviewed by Telegraf paid EUR 750 for the music.

"We paid EUR 400 to the photographer and the cameraman, although we could have paid less for this service. Because I had two bridesmaids, I paid MKD 5,500 for their and mine bouquets," said Marija.

Clothes and traditional gifts are also a cost

"The wedding gown cost me EUR 500, and I paid EUR 50 for the make-up, the nails and the hairdo and EUR 50 for the shoes. The jewelry I wore didn’t cost me much, I wore pearl earrings and necklace, which together cost around MKD 2,000. Unlike me, some spend up to EUR 1,000 for jewelry," Marija remarked.

Her husband also spent a considerable amount of money to dress up. He paid EUR 500 for his suit and shoes.

This couple followed traditional wedding customs. Thus, they gave presents to the best men and the closest family members. This cost bride's parents EUR 500 only for the gifts offered to the groom’s family.

Parent save for a life-time or take loans

Marija told Telegraf that her husband and she were lucky because the wedding was paid by their parents, which is a custom still practiced in the area where they originate from, but she reminded that nowadays many young couples pay for their wedding themselves.

"The restaurant expenses were paid by our parents, yet we paid everything else. We decided to go to a wedding trip to Italy, spending additional EUR 1,000," said Marija who works at a sales department in a company in Skopje.

She said, fortunately, neither her parents nor her husband’s parents have taken a bank loan to finance the wedding, because they had savings to cover their children's wedding expenses.

Macedonians wed mostly in July, August and September

Data released by the State Statistical Office show that last year, most marriage celebrations were held in July, August and September, being the peak of the wedding season in Macedonia.

During these three months, there were 4,358 marriages in Macedonia, followed by 3,401 marriages in the last three months of 2013. In the second quarter of 2013, there were 3,335 marriages concluded, while in the first quarter, 2,893 marriages. 

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