St. Cyril’s relics for the first time exhibited in Macedonia

On May 24, the feast of the Slavic apostles and educators Saints Cyril and Methodius, for the first time in Macedonia will be exposed St. Cyril’s relics.

The only relics of St. Cyril in the country will be display at the Catholic church in Bogdanc, which bears the name of Thessalonica brothers, during the Hierarchical Divine Liturgy which will begin at 10:00.

Liturgy will be led by Dr. Kiro Stojanov, Bishop of Skopje and Apostolic Eparch and soon after it will hold prayer in honor of Saints Cyril and Methodius.

St. Cyril rests in the Basilica “St. Clement” in Rome and this is one of the few certified samples of his relics.

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