At tomorrow’s conference of migrant organizations, organized by the Agency for Emigration, despite the preservation of the Macedonian language, topic will be the right of the Diaspora to vote in elections. 

Fact that increasingly fewer Macedonians living abroad, especially from the younger generation, speak their language, is worryingly. Reasons for this are many, but the biggest is that their parents, who were born in Australia, USA, Canada, do not know the language of their parents, and it is unlikely to pass it to their children.

Such is the view of part of the Diaspora ahead of tomorrow's annual conference, where one of the topics that will be just keeping the Macedonian language and culture. Therefore, in more countries organized are free courses for learning the Macedonian language.

Elefterijaidis Martha, who works as a teacher of Macedonian in Melbourne, says that almost all Macedonians from the first generation immigrants actively speak their language, while the younger generation, to which she belongs, has difficulty with speaking, reading and writing.

- Through cultural and fun activities we try bring the language closer, and major role has  Macedonian church. I would like to emphasize the cooperation that started last year between Macedonia and the Community of Australia, particularly Victoria. On proposal of the Bureau of Education of the Republic of Macedonia, the Minister of Education has approved and adopted a new curriculum in Macedonian language and cultural heritage of the Republic of Macedonia for education of children of citizens of the Republic of Macedonia abroad, thus facilitating the work of teachers in Australia - Elefterijaidis.

With similar attitude for Macedonian language is Stoilkovska Liliana of association "Macedonia" from Malmö, Sweden. She highlights that Macedonian Diaspora in Sweden is well organized and they strive in every way to keep the Macedonian identity and language.

- There is much to be done for current and future generations of Macedonians to know the language of their ancestors, which is a priceless treasure. Here are lacking many other institutions, radio, television, printed media so language to remain in the ears of every Macedonian - Stoilkovska says.

Immigrants ask for a long time to vote electronically because polling places are too far away and they are not able to go to the polls. In addition, we will talk about the possibility of our people in Australia after they will return to their native country to receive pension here, in Macedonia.


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