Falanga: Brussels to investigate Bulgarian passports issuance to Macedonians

Brussels should start an investigation on the issuance of Bulgarian passports to citizens of the Republic of Macedonia. This is what the Macedonian Manifest association has called for, as cited by Macedonian online news edition Falanga.
“Macedonia is a liberal country in terms of the ethnicity of its citizens. Big number of Macedonian citizens has obtained citizenship in other countries, in line with the legal requirements of the foreign countries, and this is not a problem.
However, there is certain phenomenon that raises concerns. 
After Bulgaria became member of the European Union (EU) and received certain privileges in terms of the visa regime, Sofia started conducting a tendentious, incorrect and ill-intentioned policy towards Macedonia.
With regard to the fact that the Macedonian citizens faced a restrictive regime on behalf of the EU and the economic difficulties of the country after the fall of former Yugoslavia, Bulgaria introduced a mechanism that aims for as many as possible Macedonian citizens to receive a Bulgarian passport. 
It is a historical fact that Sofia has been insisting on Bulgarianisation of the identity of the Macedonian nation and state. Bulgaria does not recognise the Macedonians as a separate nation and claims that Macedonians are unrealised Bulgarians,” says a statement of Macedonian Manifest, which calls upon Brussels to “stop the genocide against Macedonians on behalf of Bulgaria”.


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