Macedonian artifacts to be displayed in Germany

An international exhibition "The golden faces of Macedonian kings - Macedonians and Celts from the Ohrid region", which is part of an EU-funded project "Clash of Cultures" and coordinated by the University of Primorska, is set to open this Wednesday at the Manching Celtic-Roman Museum in Germany, it was announced Monday at a press conference.

The Archaeological Museum of Macedonia, the institute for monument protection in Ohrid, the Negotino museum and the Manching Celtic-Roman Museum in coordination with Macedonia's Institute for Cultural Heritage Protection participate in the exhibit, which will run until Nov. 16.

"The exhibition consisting of 62 invaluable artifacts originating from the 5th until the 3rd century BC, which have been unearthed in our territory, is a confirmation of the power of the Macedonian aristocracy and the contacts between the prehistorical Central European Celtic world and the Mediterranean culture of an imperial Macedonia between the 6th and the 2nd century BC," Culture Minister Elizabeta Kanceska-Milevska told the press conference.
The exhibit, she added, offers an exceptional chance for the visitors to learn more about one of the most important and glorious periods of Macedonia's history.

"The golden mask and glove, gold jewelry, coins, 25-century old medallions, the famous alabaster figurine of Isis, ceramic bowls, bracelets, weapons, Celtic hamlets, etc, tell a picturesque story about Macedonia, which is an inevitable part of the mosaic of European civilization and culture," noted Kanceska-Milevska.
Recently Macedonia has exhibited its invaluable cultural heritage in museums in the Netherlands, Belgium, the Vatican...
Artifacts of the Macedonian cultural heritage, including some from this exhibition, are soon to be displayed in the new Archaeological Museum.


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