Macedonian Alliance for European Integration before the Albanian public says that is against the new map of the administrative-territorial division with 61 municipality adopted by the Parliamentary Commission on Territorial Reform of Albania, Secretary  General, Vasil Sterjovski said. 
"Macedonian Alliance for European Integration was for territorial-administrative reform which will take into account the interests of citizens and the rights of minorities. Adopted variant of the Parliamentary Commission on territorial reform does not take into account the criteria set by the Government relating to the minorities. It is not considered and the Albanian Constitution, specifically Article 20, which deals with respect of minority rights, Article 108, paragraph 2, which deals with local authorities, European Charter of Local Self-Government, Framework Convention on protection of minority rights that Albania has signed and ratified, "- Sterjovski.

According to him requirements of the Macedonian community in Albania are not taken into account, but Pustec municipality which is planned to remain. revocation of municipalities in areas Golo Brdo and Gora taking the rights and the loss of identity of the Macedonian community.

"We are loyal citizens of the Republic of Albania, with full respect for the Constitution and the laws of the state. In this case we require the institutions responsible for this reform to take into account our suggestions in Peshkupija region, municipalities Steblevo, Trebiste and Ostreni,  Golo Brdo to unite and to create Golo Brdo municipality. In the region of Kuks, municipalities Shishtavec, Topojan and Zapot in Gora to unite and to create the municipality of Gora, while in the region of Korca Municipality Pustec in Prespa tobe renamed in municipality Prespa. Also, we seek help from international organizations to prevent the abolition of municipalities where Macedonian minority lives, because this our request is associated with fulfilling the recommendations of minorities that European Union requires from our state on the road to European integration, "according to the Declaration of the party.

With the latest version that passed the parliamentary committee, Albania would have 61 local units.

The decision will review the Government, and then, on July 23, the proposal will be in the Assembly of Albania and on July 30 to vote.

Besides the Macedonians, against this proposal are and representatives of the Greek minority in Albania, seeking municipality Himara not to be abolished and not to merge with several municipalities with an Albanian population. 


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