Pasko Kuzman: The Tomb of Alexander Is Not in Amphipolis

It is certainly a great discovery and an important one for the archaeology, reports However, if we want to pin point the results, we can only say that, still, Amphipolis is in Macedonia, says our famous archaeologist Pasko Kuzman, reports Utrinski vesnik.

Our famous archaeologist and former director of the Cultural Heritage Protection Directorate, Kuzman, says the information about the findings in Amphipolis points out it is a matter of a major archaeological discovery.

"Current research at the site near Amphipolis started last year and continued this year. While working on a hill a large tomb typical for the royal dynasty from the time of Ancient Macedonia was discovered," says Kuzman.

The writings of the Greek media that perhaps it is the tomb of Alexander III of Macedon, Kuzman says that for the official archeology it is clear that the great military leader has been buried in Egypt, in Alexandria, where Roman kings have been coming to worship. Still, the exact location is not known yet. Although, as he goes on, it has been thought that the tomb of Alexander is at the place where a mosque that no one alive can move to confirm these assumptions stands now. Otherwise, there are other assumptions. One of those is that the tomb is located on the territory of today's Republic of Macedonia in the southern part, at the old Paionian cemetery, says Kuzman.

"Regardless of all this, the discovery in Amphipolis is really important and the media and the official Greek policy will certainly write and say that there is the tomb of Alexander the Great. After all, with each new discovery the media get the right to guess, as does the daily politics“, says Kuzman.  Otherwise, since last year the archaeologists claimed that it might be a grave where Alexander the Great son and wife Roxana and Alexander 4, who was killed as a child together with his mother, had been buried.

"I will only add that it is certainly a big discovery which is important to the archeology. But, if we want to point out the results, we can only say that Amphipolis is in Macedonia. Thus, we should all be happy about the current finding. After all, to discover the tomb of Alexander the Great is like the tomb of Jesus has been discovered. It would be a great discovery for the whole world ", says the archaeologist. 

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