Macedonian National Bank Releases Collector Coin 'Scorpio'

The National Bank of the Republic of Macedonia (NBRM) issued and put into circulation the collector coin “Scorpio” from the “Zodiac” series. The price of the coin “Scorpio” is MKD 2,700.00.

On the other side of the collector coin “Scorpio” there is a decorative composition being a symbol of time, based on the Sun, the Moon and the stars that surround a sand watch. The Sun is painted in gold on a round, blue cobalt glass insert (throughout the glass insert).
At the top of the coin, there is Macedonia's coat of arms. Along the perimeter, on the sides, there are the symbols of the 8 planets of the Solar system that, apart from the Sun and the Moon, influence the Zodiac signs (Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune, Pluto). Furthermore, along the perimeter there are inscriptions: “Republic of Macedonia” and “10 Denars” in the Macedonian language as well as the year of issue “2014″ and the hallmark “Ag925″.

 On the reverse, on the left hand side there is stylised Scorpio image. On the right hand side there is a constellation corresponding to the Scorpio Zodiac sign painted on a cobalt glass insert and surrounded by an ornament. At the bottom, along the perimeter, there is the coin name in Latin - “Scorpio”, together with the Scorpio Zodiac symbol. Chosen elements of the relief (including the Scorpio symbol, part of the ornament, as well as the Scorpio legs and tail) are gold painted.

The collector coin “Scorpio” is made of silver Ag925, weight Ag – 21,00g, fine silver content – 19,43g, in an oval form and dimensions of 35 x 45mm, proof with 24k gold printing and a cobalt glass insert, dimensions – 18,4 x 6,1mm.
The collector coins issued by the National Bank are a legal tender in Macedonia, NBRM said in a press release.


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