UMD: Macedonia Should Withdraw from Absurd Name Negotiations

The United Macedonian Diaspora (UMD) has called Macedonia's President Gjorge Ivanov to formally notify the Security Council and the General Assembly in his speech in the frames of the 69th UN General Assembly that Macedonia will withdraw from the "name negotiations farce".

"The UMD undoubtedly believes that until Macedonia makes such a move, the elements of the international community will continue to threaten the identity and the right of a national state to Macedonia as irrelevant in the negotiations. They are neither. After eight years of not ceding to Macedonia’s integration in NATO and EU, mainly due to Greece’s objections to the name Macedonia and the latest talks with Bulgaria on the so-called "good neighborly" relations, the UMD does not see any benefit from the continuation of these pointless reflections," the Washington-based organization says, representing the rights of Macedonians from the diaspora.

According to UMD, Macedonia is recognized by more than 135 countries in the world, and considers the name negotiations inacceptable in terms of the long-term improvement of the Republic of Macedonia. Instead, the organization says, the Macedonian leadership should re-focus its energy on establishing deeper relations with the countries that want to get involved in more productive relations which would strengthen the economy and the security.

"The UMD believes that the future of Macedonia lies in its actions and they cannot be negotiated nor dictated by any economic intimidations which we have witnessed in the past decade. Macedonia should file an official request to the UN Security Council and General Assembly to vote for a change of the temporary reference "Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia" in the UN to the "Republic of Macedonia"," UMD underlined.


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