Exhibition of Documents and Photographs "Balkan wars in Macedonia 1912-1913" in Veles

The art gallery opened Tuesday in Veles the exhibition "Balkan wars in Macedonia 1912-1913" by Prof. Dr. Zoran Todorovski and Prof. Dr. Aleksandar Trajanovski. The exhibition presents photographs of people and events of military actions in Macedonia during the Balkan Wars 1912-1913.

Professors Todorovski and Trajanovski sought to show the military actions of that period in Makedonija through number of documents and photographs, sketches and military maps. Professor Todorovski explained that most of the materials come from the military archives in Veliko Trnovo, Sofia, Moscow and Paris and are presented for the first time to the public through this exhibition.

“We want to mark through this exhibition that very important event in the history of Macedonia, the Balkan Wars that represent not only the fragmentation of territorial integrity of Macedonia, but also of the Macedonian people,” noted Professor. Dr. Todorovski.

These photos and documents, as he explained, also present the participation of Macedonians, which fought as part of the Bulgarian army and Macedonian voluntary groups, which were first to began releasing Macedonian cities Kratovo, Kumanovo, Prilep, Bitola, Ohrid, Debar and other cities.

Over 100.000 Macedonians participated in combat actions in combat actions, overall military potential of the Macedonian Revolutionary Organization with its 47 groups participated in the liberation of the Macedonian cities.

Professor Dr. Alexander Trajanovski explained that Veles citizen responded in large numbers, over 850, in the Balkan wars, especially in the First Balkan War and were mobilized in the 9th voluntary group. He also emphasized that is tragic that Macedonians killed in fight are buried in unmarked graves at Bulgarian, Serbian and other cemeteries.

The exhibition was originally opened two years ago in Kumanovo and then in several other Macedonian cities. The exhibition in Veles is open within the celebration of the upcoming holiday October 23 - Day of the Macedonian revolutionary struggle.


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