At the Samoil's Fortress in Ohrid today was marked the 1000 anniversary of the death of King Samoil, founder of the first medieval Macedonian Empire, MIA. 

- Samoil's Fortress and historical artifacts from that period, regardless of the different interpretations of historians from some neighboring countries, indicate that Ohrid was the administrative and spiritual center of the Macedonian medieval kingdom. Coronation as king, according to numerous experts in this historical period, was performed with ceremony at the end of 10th and beginning of the 11th century in the imperial capital in Prespa, and Macedonian capital and patriarch throne from Prespa was moved here in Ohrid - Ohrid Mayor, Nikola Bakracheski said at the ceremony.

The event was organized by the Municipality of Ohrid. The remains of civilizations that existed Samoil’s Fortress are seen today and are evidence of its historical significance, the Mayor says.

- New scientific findings suggest that he founded Macedonian medieval kingdom and not accidentally he chose Ohrid for his seat -Bakracheski said expressing confidence that scientists, aside from the daily political interests and pressures, will continue to research and to global scientific community will reflect actual and backed up with facts findings for that period of rich Macedonian history.

At a gathering in Ohrid was and director Antonio Mitrikeski who along with producer Dejan Miloseski, has announced a major project to record film dedicated to this King, co-production of Macedonia, Serbia, England, Canada and the United States.

- It is a historical project titled "King Samoil". For me as a director it is fascinating to try to capture that time and energy. The film is designed to show the main drama between the two main characters - Emperor Vasilie II and King Samoil and their conflict. We must remember that Vasilie was one of the most important Byzantine emperors and hence even the greater is strength of Samoil who dared and managed to form Macedonian medieval kingdom - Mitrikeski said.

He announced that the film will include many characters from the Samoil’s family, his daughter and son, but the real betrayal by Ivan Vladislav and close people of his immediate environment.

The film will be shot on locations in Ohrid, the fortress of Samuil and on mountain Galichica between Ohrid and Prespa.

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