Macedonia Marks National Uprising Day

Yesterday Macedonia marked the anti-fascist national uprising day which ocurred 73 years ago.
The rebellion against the Bulgarian, Italian and German occupying forces organized to liberate the country began after the first Prilep partisan unit had attacked the Bulgarian police station and the telephone network in Prilep on 11 October 1941. The next day, the partisans of the Kumanovo unit also organized an attack.

11th of October is a resumption of the benevolent traditions of the Macedonian freedom-loving people stemming from similar revolts in the 19th and 20th century, but also from the efforts made towards social and national liberation during the Balkan Wars and the First World War. By deciding to join the anti-fascist coalition, Macedonia had stood on the side of progressive humanity.

The people of Macedonia had fought for freedom on its own. Starting with the first partisan units, the National Liberation Army of Macedonia by the end of the 4-year war was turned into a well-organized, 110,000-strong army with high-ranking military formations.
To mark the National Uprising Day, the state award “11 October” will be presented in Parliament for life achievements in the field of science, art, economy and other activities in the public interest of Macedonia.

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