Rama Continues Implementing EU Criteria: The Only Macedonian Teacher in Mala Prespa Has Been Fired

Instead of following Brussels and Strasbourg’s recommendations about the respect of the rights of minorities, Albanian Government led by Edi Rama, conducts some kind of bulldozer policy, and one of the victims of this policy is a Macedonian language teacher in Mala Prespa, reads daily Dnevnik.

According to "Dnevnk", a teacher from the primary school in the village of Dolna Gorica, which falls under the administrative jurisdiction of Korcha has been fired. 

“It is true that the teacher at the beginning of the school year was fired and that decision shocked Macedonians because he was a very good teacher loved both by the students and the parents. For the past fifteen years she held Macedonian language classes for children from four villages - Upper and Lower Gorica, Tuminec and Globocani. Now there is no one to teach the mother tongue”, says a parent whose child attends the classes in the school "Resistance of Goricani residents".

The substituted teacher, Floreta Nichola did not want to give a statement for "Dnevnik" and the Macedonian community informed us that she hoped for a positive decision of the local authorities and to be returned to work again.

Whoever gets a chance teaches Macedonian

The fact that nobody wanted publicly and with reveled identity to talk about this issue, speaks a lot. Unofficially, Nichola has been a victim of political games and the huge pressure Rama’s government imposes on its political opponents.

“This is not about the teacher’s challenged qualifications, as the authorities want to justify the decision, but she is a victim of political calculation. We know that Macedonians in this region voted for the Democrats and Rama cannot forgive it”, a source from the Macedonian community says.

For the time being, the Macedonian language instruction in Lower Gorica will be realized by other teachers who teach in the Macedonian language, such as the chemistry teacher would do that one day, then the biology teacher etc.

Macedonian Embassy in Tirana has been notified about the case.

“We found out about the case, although a bit later. But we are putting our best efforts and we have contacted the prefect of Korcha and we have been informed that the case is under consideration. We expect a positive decision. We were told that the teacher was fired due to lack of appropriate qualifications or the teacher was not a Macedonian language teacher”, said from the embassy.

Rama puts more thoughts into the Ohrid Framework Agreement

Asked whether the Albanian state provides pedagogical instruction in Macedonian language, by which Nichola or someone else will obtain the proper degree, the embassy responded that it has not been the case, but there is an Office for the Macedonian language in Tirana.

However, the office is not the appropriate higher educational institution that would provide appropriate degree to teach the language. The involvement of graduates - Macedonians from Albania in the educational process has been mentioned as an alternative, but there is no interest for such thing at the moment. 

The recommendation of the Council of Europe suggesting that Albania should respect the minority rights under the Convention and to do everything to provide conditions for implementation of the Macedonian language have got a different response. It turns out, Edi Rama is more concerned about the implementation of the Ohrid Framework Agreement in Macedonia than the rights of the Macedonians in the country led by him and in which minorities diligently pay taxes. Instead of having their rights promoted, Macedonians are faced with new pressures and threats, and it is obvious even in the Law on territorial division and the new law on minorities, which has been delayed.

New petition for the Macedonian language

A year ago, the Macedonian Association MOST from the municipality Trebiste, Golo Brdo, initiated a petition that was signed by Macedonians from Trebiste and sent to the educational institutions and the Ministry of Education of Albania requesting their children to study the subject of Macedonian language at school twice a week.

The response to this petition, sent by the Directorate for Education of Peshkopia, which falls under the area Golo Brdo, reads that the children as of September 2013, can study the subject Macedonian language only from the seventh grade but like a second optional foreign language. However, in September 2013, the educational institutions of Albania did not allow the Macedonian language to be studies neither from the seventh grade.

Macedonian Association MOST in October 2013 once again submitted a petition to the educational institutions, but they never responded. As" Dnevnik" found out, MOST recently filed another petition for the Macedonian language requesting at least 24 classes per week instruction in Macedonian language in the school "Ten deceased."


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