Historians Favor Proposal for New Macedonia's Coat of Arms

Macedonia needs new coat of arms and it should have changed the current one long time ago, say some historians and heraldic experts, who attended Thursday a debate on the matter.

Last Friday, the government adopted a draft law on new Macedonia's coat of arms, which is to be a subject of public debate.

Prof. Vanco Gjorgiev voiced his support for changing the state's coat of arms, as it hasn't been done since the declaration of Macedonia's independence in 1991.

"We are lagging behind. Macedonia and Russia are the only European countries, which after the Fall of the Berlin Wall and the dissolution of Yugoslav Federation, Czechoslovakia and USSR have not changed their coats of arms. Their coats of arms are not in line with the rules of heraldry and European tradition," Gjorgiev said.

PhD in history Aleksandar Atanasovski said that since the 16th century Macedonia had been commonly represented in foreign armorials with a coat of arms depicting a golden lion on red field, or red lion on golden field.

“Macedonia has kept the coat of arms, adopted in the period when the country was part of the Socialist Federal Republic of Yugoslavia, and as such it is not meeting the heraldic standards,” he said.

Snezana Filipova, Professor of Heraldry, welcomed the decision for altering of the state coat of arms, while Prof Boban Petrovski suggested for an official heraldic body to be set up.

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