Macedonians from Golo Brdo request education in Macedonian language

Macedonians of Golo Brdo have submitted a request to Albania’s Education Minister Lindita Nikolla, asking for Macedonian language instruction in the village Trebiste elementary school.

The request and a petition signed by about 200 parents reads the Macedonian language is the children’s mother tongue and they come across the Albanian for the first time when enrolled in school.

“The Macedonian minority in Golo Brdo was recognized by Albania up to 1949, which is seen in documents of that period, where their nationality – Macedonians – is recorded. We also say that a school with full instruction in Macedonian language existed at that time”, says Ili Halilaj, president of the Golo Brdo branch office of “Ilinden” association.

However, they do not have much hope for a positive outcome, taking into account prior petitions. The Albanian government has not even realized the promise that Macedonian language would be taught as a subject as of the seventh grade from the onset of the last school year.

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