Pakistan's Hunza: We are proud to be Macedonians and we are not Greek.

Interview by Zoran Coseski with Mr- Safder Karim a Hunza student at the Sydney University
(photo Facebook, published on Mr Coseski Fb page)

Mr- Safder Karim 

Where are the Hunza and Kalash people from and where do they live?

The people of Hunza and Kalash are the ancestors of Alexander the Great . The great Alexander was the king of Macedonia. So logically we migrated from Macedonia to Hunza and we are the generation of Alexander 's army who never returned to Macedonia.

What is your view about the Greek cultural centres being opened in the Hunza and Kalash regions?

There are no Greek cultural centers opened in Hunza Amit in Kalash and we won't let anyone to open any centres of their culture if they are not Macedonian . We are proud to be Macedonian and we are not Greek.

Is your heritage Greek or Macedonian?

I m totally confused why Greeks think that we are Greeks . Alexander was Macedonian so to clarify everything, our ancestors were Macedonians not Greeks. The Greeks have tried very hard to make us Greek but they won't get us to become Greek. We belong to the Macedonian culture and to Macedonia . We never mix with any other culture .In the ancient world there was no country called Greece, there was a Macedonian kingdom with a king and a city states around Athens.

Tell us about your Language?

Our language is very similar many words are similar. we speak Burushaki language. This language is only spoken by the people of Alexanders descendants in today's Pakistan .

What message do you have for the Macedonian people around the world?

There are many things I would love to tell the Macedonian community firstly we are Brothers and the children of one father, our culture is the same our language is the same our music is also the same . We can't change our Macedonian identity, no one can change their identity . I would say that there must be opportunities for the people of Hunza and the people of Macedonia to take steps to build relationships between Hunza and Macedonia because there are many other other cultures like the Greeks who trying to show that we are Greeks . There should be a proper set up for the students of Hunza to go to Macedonia and get an education and also learn the Macedonian language . When they get back to Hunza they can teach the Macedonian language .There are many things to build relationship between Hunza and Macedonia and we must take step now. We love our brothers and we are proud to be descendents of the great KING ALEXANDER of Makedon . So time to show unity time to be one its time to find opportunities to make the boundaries closer to each other .
At the end I would Say long live Hunza long live Macedonia and long live our brotherhood


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