How Stephanopolous Paid Clinton to create the acronym for Macedonia

What MINA knew 15 years ago, Americans are finding out today. George Stephanopoulos was Bill Clinton's advisor, when he "advised" the US to vote against Macedonia's admission to the UN which essentially resulted in the acronym, which came via Athens-Stephanopoulos-Clinton. The US also supported the Greek embargo.

We had reported that Athens wired millions of dollars to George Stephanopolous who then used the money to "influence" also known as bribe Bill Clinton during his presidency to make hostile decisions against Macedonia. What we learned over the past two months is that George Stephanapolous never stopped giving money to the Clintons. Last year, he gave Hillary Clinton $75,000, of course, this was a donation, the way Zaev accepts "donations" in order to issue building permits to businesses who already paid for their permits.

In the 1990's, on paper, Stephanopolous was Clinton's advisor even though he worked full time as Greece's insider lobbyists. His frequent donations to the Clintons even when working as an independent "journalist" for ABC News is what got him in trouble. It took 20 years.

Thanks to George being so well 'connected' to the Clintons, ABC's new contract with Mr. Stephanopoulos is a whopping $105 million. This is not going to end well for George and the Clintons. Americans appear to be fed up with corruption that begins at the highest levels. 

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