How the former minister of SDSM Frchkoski sold the name

Array of testimonials from past associated with Ljubomir Frchkovski, former minister in the government of SDSM and presidential candidate of the main opposition party. Among these testimonies, there are those according to which Frchkoski sold the name for million dollars.

Namely Frchkoski through own people from the Macedonian police on behalf of unidentified Greeks i.e. Greek intelligence officer, the General Nikolaos Grilakis, had offered to the former President Kiro Gligorov one million US dollars that will be left where he wants, in any bank in world, if he abandons the constitutional name in the commenced negotiations between Greece and Macedonia, wrote the daily newspaper “Business” in 2010.

According to the newspaper’s allegations against Frchkovski in 2002, by the police were submitted criminal charges for abuse of official position and authority and there was request for his arrest. According to the criminal complaint Frchkovski in 1993 and 1994 initially did not want to join in numerous oral requests to the then President Kiro Gligorov and approved illegal stay in Skopje to the head of intelligence services of Greece, Nicholas Grilakis who fled from his country allegedly under threat from prosecution by the new regime in Greece.

Illegally and without being reported, without obtaining asylum or to be granted with  refugee status, hiding illegally in apartment of Ministry of Interior Affairs in Skopje Gligorov was afraid to reveal the case and not to create interstate problem. The application states that Frchkovski made four illegal attempts to mediate to corrupt President Gligorov and had hidden agenda to disrupt his dignity, to cause pecuniary damage to the citizens and jeopardize the constitutional order, sovereignty and territorial integrity.

Gligorov allegedly had told Frchkovski that the Grilakis stay in Skopje may be detrimental for Macedonia. Former President, thought it might harm even the relations between the two countries and therefore advised Frchkovski to withdraw hospitality for Grilakis and transferred him to another country, wrote Business.

Frchkovski refused to carry out orders from Gligorov, tried to mediate and offered him to receive 100,000 dollars from Grilakis and gifts, precious amphora taken from shipwreck in the Aegean Sea and precious watch with gold bracelet. Gligorov refused the gifts. According to text and criminal charges published in “Business”, after this attempt failed, Frchkovski by his trustworthy people offered Gligorov in his office, million dollars if during the negotiations between Macedonia and give up the constitutional name. Gligorov refused this proposal.
In his book “Macedonia is all we have,” records of memoir, which was published in 2001, the former president for the first time looks at the try to be corrupt with million dollars.

I listen them first, looked at people for a long time and then said: “Well, people hoe can you imagine the head of this state to receive million dollars to give up from the name Macedonia. How could this even occur on your mind? How can anyone imagine that? It is absurd thing,” wrote Gligorov.

Cuffs for shirt worth 2,000 DM, clock worth 45,000 DM

Once Minister of Interior, then Foreign Minister of small country such as Macedonia, which is not so rich and every penny is necessary, at the Frankfurt Airport bought cuffs for shirt and paid two thousand DM, claims journalist from Sarajevo and Regional expert on organized crime, Osman Vatresh

Luxury Mercedes for smuggling of oil and cigarettes

The trucks with smuggled cigarettes at the Macedonian-Serbian border were ahead before the oil tankers carrying more profit, argued recently Ljubomir Perich-Maglash.

Maglash said that from April to October 1995 with the permission of the Prime Minister Branko Crvenkovski at that time and Minister of Interior Ljubomir Frchkoski was smuggled oil from Bulgaria via Macedonia to Serbia. According to Maglash, as reward for good cooperation both received two cars “Mercedes”.

He explains that smuggling was organized without problems, but the first “failure” took place on the Macedonian side, when the contingent with oil crossed the border in the evening when it was agreed.

According to him, the gang he worked for, never smuggled cigarettes, but he knows that in Macedonia the responsible person was Dancho Shuturkov, whom he had  met once.

We had meeting, I, Stoshich, Crvenkovski and Frchkovski standard company. We did not spread the circle to maintain secrecy. But, once came gentleman with fancy hair style, I think his name was Dancho Shuturkov. Then, he was our representative in Bulgaria. They told us that the next time when the transport of cigarettes happens together with the tanks to wait and let to pass cigarettes first. Why were not released at the same time I do not know, I guess because earnings from cigarettes are bigger – said Magash.

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