Macedonia Pays Tribute to First Victim of World War II

The Tikves region marked Monday the 74th anniversary of the death of Dime Pop Atanasov- Gorki, the victim of the Bulgarian fascist occupation during the World War II in Macedonia.

On this occasion, delegations of the associations of World War II veterans have laid flowers on the monument erected in his honor.

According to official data of the veterans' association, Dime Pop Atanasov was born in the village of Stramasevo near Kavadarci in 1918. His parents moved to the nearby town, where he finished primary school and fourth grade of the civic school.

"Not having financial means to finish school, he worked as a tailor's assistant, and later become a scribe at the municipal administration. He spread progressive ideas and the love for knowledge and education was the reason for the initiative on establishing a town's library and a reading room. Later he organized the youth resistance against the Serbian hegemonic state apparatus. Shortly after this he became undesirable for the authorities, and not only was he expelled from the municipality, he was detained and incarcerated several times in the Kavadarci prison," the veterans' association in Kavadarci said in a press release.

After the capitulation of Yugoslavia then, he immediately started working on the organization of the Macedonian people in the Tikves region in the aim of carrying out an armed struggle against the Bulgarian occupier.

"He was killed during the preparations for the fight against the Bulgarians and fascist Germany on July 13, 1941 in the Tikves region as the first victim of the Macedonia. He was a member of the local committee of the Communist Party of Yugoslavia," the World War II veterans added.


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