Archaeological Site Gradiste: Remains of Luxurious Palace Found

Parts of a settlement, and remains of what is believed to have been a luxurious residence or palace, dating from the 3rd-4th century BC have been found at Gradiste archaeological site near northern Macedonian city-Kumanovo. 

A collection of decorations and Ionic columns have been found as well. Researchers assume they are part of an ancient palace of a Paeonian ruler.

According to experts, the settlement sustained various attacks, demolition from Celtic tribes, but was reconstructed.

The results of the most recent excavations are very important. Findings point to a connection between Kumanovo, Skopje, Ovce Pole and South Morava region i.e. they are part of the same civilization, whose development is being followed through artifacts found in Gradiste, Knezje and Kale.


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