Crveno Pole Site Excavations to Continue into Next Year

This year’s archaeological excavations of the site Crveno Pole situated high in the bosom of the Ograzden Mountain, Barbarevo village, Novo Selo, have been completed.

During the excavation process, which is a part of the program of the Ministry of Culture, teams of the Institute for Protection of Cultural Monuments and Museum Strumica confirmed that the site includes a total of nine buildings built between the 1st and the 6th century and situated on two research areas.

During the research of the buildings of settlement Janina Cesma, it was concluded that the buildings were mostly solid but very damaged. It is remarkable that one of the buildings functioned as a closed off, well-organized architectural whole. Rooms were set up in three rows, with a main central axis and with one room from the north and one from the south. It was determined that the building was intended for living and it had accompanying facilities such as a storeroom and a working area. This building and the entire site were robbed, burnt and abandoned by the Byzantine Empire in the middle of the 6th century. The building and the entire settlement were never renewed.

The newly discovered building in the Papri settlement is a one room construction that functioned as a warehouse and workshop. Although robbed,  it is the only one out of nine buildings that was not destroyed in the fire, Ministry of Culture said in a press release.

The archaeological excavations of the site Crveno Pole will continue next year.


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