Excavations at Kale Archaeological Site Complete

Veles National Museum team has completed the archaeological excavations at site Kale near village Stari Grad. The excavation, funded by the Ministry of Culture, is a continuation of the work back in 2005 and 2006.

"This excavation produced significant findings from the aspects of movable and immovable cultural heritage. Several residential facilities from the antique period have been excavated", said project leader, archaeologist Anita Vasilkova-­Midoska.

Most of the movable findings include ceramic dishes from the Iron Age up to the Late Antiquity.

"The recovered items point to the fact that inhabitants of this settlement maintained intensive trade communication at the broader territory of the Roman Empire", added Vasilkova­-Midoska. The archaeological material will be processed and properly conserved in the coming period, followed by its public presentation. 


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