Macedonia During World War I - Exhibition to Be Held in Stockholm

Stockholm War Museum is opening the exhibition "Macedonia during WW I" on Wednesday.

Aleksandra Nakeva Ruzin, Macedonian Ambassador to the Kingdom of Sweden and Eva-Sofi Ernstel, chief of Stockholm War Museum will address the opening.

Head of Macedonian State Archive Filip Petrovski and head of Macedonian War Museum Aleksandar Stojcev will hold a lecture on Balkan propaganda and its effects on Macedonia up to 1918.

This exhibition is a part of a project of Stockholm War Museum which was started in 2014, on the occasion of the 100 year anniversary of WW I, the State Archive informs.

Besides the Macedonian exhibit, there were exhibitions from Austria, Netherlands and Serbia, and shows from Russia, Belarus and the Czech Republic are undergoing preparations on exhibitions as well.

This project is planned to last over the next four years, symbolizing the length of WW I.

"Macedonia During WW I" will be open until February 2016.

"The goal is to represent the political, cultural and economic state in Macedonia at that period, the events before the war, as well as the participation of the Macedonian people in the war. This exhibit marks the 100-year anniversary of WW I by presenting documents in the depots of Macedonian Archives", State Archive of Macedonia said.

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