Künstlergruppe Los Carpinteros baut Makedonium mit Lego nach

Die Künstlergruppe Los Carpinteros hat mit Lego Bausteinen etliche Kunstwerke geschaffen. Nachgebaut wurde auch das Makedonium in Krushevo.

LEGO Architecture Design by Los Carpinteros is Structurally Artsy

Finding inspiration in the endless building creations possible with LEGO, artistic group Los Carpenteros creates a complete world using LEGO architecture design features. 

Even LEGO has its structural impossibilities, yet those limitations don't exist on the canvas where the artist has full creative control over physics and engineering. Most of the designs, if not all, depicted in this series would not be possible in real life unless created using profuse amounts of glue and thousands of LEGO blocks in very specific shapes and colors. In the paintings, the construction toy pieces take on the shapes of twisting tornadoes, sinkholes, abstract spiked sculptures, surreal tubular dome structures and other gravity-defying shapes. 

Los Carpenteros makes the impossible happen with the creatively inventive LEGO architecture design painting series.


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