Macedonia to Observe 144th Anniversary from Goce Delcev's Birth

Through a series of activities, the 144th anniversary from the birth of the Macedonian revolutionary Goce Delcev will be marked. Institutional delegations and representatives from political parties, citizen associations, municipalities and institutions will lay flowers at Delcev's grave in the Church of the Ascension of Jesus (Sv. Spas) in Skopje.

Flowers will also be laid at Delcev's monuments in Macedonia's capital-on Macedonia Square and in the City Park.

The ideologist of the Macedonian Revolutionary Struggle was born February 4, 1872 in Kukush, as the son of Sultana and Nikola.
The visionary, who more than a century ago understood the world solely as a filed for cultural competition between the nations, was educated in a Thessaloniki high school  and at the Military Academy in Sofia.

As TMRO member, Goce was named apostle of the revolution, but also considered a great humanist, teacher and freedom fighter who had organized the Macedonian people for the national liberation struggle.

Delcev was killed on May 4, 1903 while fighting against the Ottoman army in village Banica, Aegean Macedonia.


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