Stip Commemorates 75th Anniversary of German Bombing in World War II

The Mayor of Stip Ilco Zahariev, the World War II veterans' associations and other representatives gathered on Wednesday to commemorate the 75th anniversary from the German bombing of the city in World War Two.

The commemoration took place at the monument built as a tribute of the 50 citizens that were killed and over 100 that were injured in the attack.

"The bombing was not by coincidence. Stip housed the elite units of the Royal army at the time, but as is usual, not only soldiers were killed in the bombing. Civilians were killed too in this barbaric, indiscriminate attack, that targeted homes", Mayor Zahariev said.

The Jewish quarter was particularly badly hit in the bombing, and its inhabitants deported to death camps two years later. The German Army attacked then Kingdom of Yugoslavia, with Macedonia being in particular focus of the invading army, as it made its way from Bulgaria toward the front line in Greece.


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