Macedonian toponyms in Greece making a comeback

The Macedonians in Greece, step by step are winning some of their battles to return the Macedonian names of villages and cities that were renamed by the Greek Government from 1918-1925.
Just a few days ago, at the entrance of the village of Polipotamo, the original name of Nered appeared. The village is populated mostly by ethnic Macedonians. 

Nered is in the area of Lerin and is well known to the Greek authorities as one of the most vocal Macedonian townships in the area. The Macedonians there organize a large gathering each year on August 17th, to celebrate the virgin Mary holiday.
Several months ago, the celebrated Macedonian village of Banica returned its name, instead of Vevi. Whereas road signs to Macedonia which had "Monastiri" were replaced with Bitola.

When the great powers (UK, Germany) carved up Macedonia in 1913, Greece which was then managed jointly by the Brits and Germans during a seven year period changed the toponyms of over 800 villages, cities, rivers, mountains, even the graves of Macedonians.

As a result, Lerin became Florina, Voden was changed to Edessa, Solun became Thessaloniki, Ovcharani to Meliti, Banica to Vevi, the birthplace of Macedonian linguist and historian Krste Petkov Misirkov, Postol was renamed to Pella, Kutlesh to Vergina, Sehovo to Idomeni etc.

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