Macedonia Marks 15th Anniversary of Karpalak Ambush


The 15th anniversary of the death of ten Macedonian Army (ARM) reservists in area Karpalak at Tetovo­-Skopje motorway will be marked at the site and complex "Karpalak" in Prilep on Monday.

Government and ARM delegations led by Defense Minister Zoran Jolevski will lay wreaths at the memorial plaque in area Karpalak.

On August 8, 2001, an army convoy made up of five vehicles and 120 reservists was ambushed near Karpalak. Defending the independence, territorial integrity and sovereignty of the state, ARM reservists Nane Naumoski, Saso Kitanoski, Branko Sekuloski, Goran Minoski, Marko Despotoski, Erdovan Sabanoski, Ljube Grujoski, Darko Veljanoski, Pece Sekuloski and Vebi Rusidoski were killed in the attack.


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