Research Expands: Bonce - One of the Most Significant Macedonian Archaeological Sites

Archaeologists led by professor Antonio Jakimovski have resumed the research of the necropolises at one of the most important archaeological sites in Macedonia 'Staro Bonce' (Old Bonce), located near the city of Prilep, somewhere between the villages of Podmol and Bonce.

The excavations are part of the Government project launched by the Cultural Heritage Protection Office, the Skopje Faculty of Philosophy and the Prilep Institute for Protection of Monuments.

"The project Staro Bonce covers excavation and research of the lower part of the antique city, the center of Pelagones, the City of Pelagonia. It is one of the four most popular archaeological sites in Macedonia. I am pleased that professor Jakimovski had succeeded to define the cores of the city in the last ten years, i.e. the expansion of the City of Pelagonia in the 4th-5th century BC, as well as the dislocation of the city during the Roman Republic. This is one of the most important revelations", the head of the Cultural Heritage Protection Office Viktor Lilcic Adams says.

Lilcic Adams underscores that in future, the focus should be directed towards the upper areas, the city and the acropolis in order to transform the site into a tourist attraction.

"We will have to provide additional resources because this site is one of the most important centers of the Kingdom of Pelagonia. The local community must also be engaged in the development of this project.

The research coordinator, professor Antonio Jakimovski says that the team worked on two necropolises in the last two months.

"Two antique necropolises dating from the 4th-5th century BC have been thoroughly researched. The results from the research are quite impressive, we have mapped all of the important spots. The findings complete the picture, i.e. the mosaic for discovering the Fourth Macedonian Merida - Pelagonia", Jakimovski says.

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