Archaeology Museum of Macedonia Presents Guide Book of Artifacts

Great Mother of Tumba Madzari, eneolithic ladies, Menada of Tetovo, the Priestess, Gold Mask and Glove of Ohrid, a bronze shield of Bonce, the gold fibula of Taranesh, unique terracotta icons of Vinica are some of the exclusive artifacts presented in a guidebook of the permanent exhibition of the Archaeological Museum of Macedonia.

The Museum launched Tuesday its 130-­page guidebook, which covers the most important archaeological items out of 8,000 artifacts, part of the Museum's collection. They have been unearthed on the territory of Macedonia in the past 70 years.

The guidebook, published in Macedonian and English, features 15 sections covering different periods ­ from the paleolithic era through the Middle Ages to the Ottoman era as well as chapters about the rich numismatic collection of invaluable coins.

Speaking at the book promotion, Minister of Culture Elizabeta Kanceska­-Milevska said the bilingual edition offered a unique opportunity to every visitor of the Archaeological Museum to learn more about the 'impressive' museum exhibition.

"The exhibition is an archaeological panorama of our past, our creative continuity, our civilized advantages and creative endeavors of our ancestors from ancient centuries of our cultural history," she stated.

Since its opening in October 2014, the Archaeological Museum of Macedonia has recorded more than 300,000 visitors from Macedonia and abroad, according to the Minister.

"Today, we can be proud of this much needed investment, i.e. the construction of the museum," Kanceska­Milevska said adding the institution was intensively promoting Macedonia's culture and invaluable cultural heritage around the world.

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